Amnesty says Myanmar killed hundreds of Rohingya

Amnesty says Myanmar killed hundreds of Rohingya
Wed Oct 18, 2017 07:54:13

Amnesty International says Myanmar security forces killed at least hundreds of people during a systematic campaign to expel Rohingya Muslims.

(AP) -- The human rights group interviewed more than 120 Rohingya who fled the violence for its report released Wednesday. More than 580,000 refugees have arrived in Bangladesh since Aug. 25, when Myanmar security forces began a scorched-earth campaign against Rohingya villages. Myanmar's government has said it was responding to attacks by Muslim insurgents, but the United Nations and others have said the response was disproportionate. Myanmar also denies that atrocities are taking place.

Amnesty said in its report that security forces surrounded villages, shot fleeing inhabitants and then set buildings alight, burning to death the elderly and others unable to flee. It said women and girls were raped in some villages.

(Photo: AP)

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