Al-Alam's hacked Twitter account finally restored

Al-Alam's hacked Twitter account finally restored
Wed Jul 19, 2017 12:20:01

After 8 days of correspondence with Twitter, the company finally reinstated Al-Alam's hacked account.

After a group of hackers associated with Saudi Arabia hacked Al-Alam's major Twitter account on July 10, the account was finally restored yesterday evening.

It took almost 8 days in order for Twitter to thwart the hackers' attempts to alter Al-Alam's email address, phone number and other relevant points of verification related to the network's major Twitter account, according to Al-Alam's tech support team.

The hackers published some fake and dubious news stories about the Middle-East via the hacked account. But some Saudi websites and news agencies picked up the stories, indicating their collusion with the hackers.

While Saudi hackers no longer have access to Al-Alam's Twitter account, the news network is working with Twitter to restore Al-Alam's verified status, designated by a blue badge.

Saudi hackers frequently try to hack social accounts belonging to Al-Alam and other Iranian news outlets.