Iran Asks Turkey for Explanation over Deaths of Border Guards

Iran Asks Turkey for Explanation over Deaths of Border Guards
Mon May 29, 2017 14:48:39

Iran says it has asked for explanation from Turkey after a cross-border attack left two Iranian border guards dead on Saturday.

"The subject has been announced to the Turkish government through diplomatic channels and we are awaiting their response," Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi told a weekly news briefing in Tehran Monday.  

Seven border guards were also injured when PJAK terrorists attacked them while they were changing posts, before retreating into Turkey.

"This is an unpleasant incident. We don't like to have insecure borders with Turkey. We hope that with the prudence, responsibility and response of the Turkish government, we can take a decision," he added.

Iran’s border police chief also said Turkey should be held accountable for the deaths of the Iranian border guards and for letting terrorist groups operate in its border areas.

"We consider Turkey liable and the country should be held accountable for this act of terrorism,” Tasnim news agency quoted Brigadier General Qassem Rezaei as saying Sunday.

PJAK is an offshoot of Turkey's Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and is known for carrying out random hit-and-run attacks against Iranian targets, after which they retreat to their lairs in Turkey as well as Iraq.

They carry out their attacks in parts of Iran's West Azerbaijan province which borders Iraq, Turkey, and Armenia. Rezaei said "unfortunately, in the areas bordering Turkey, we witness activities by terrorist groups under various pretexts.”