Watch :Melania Trump slaps away the President's hand at start of Israel trip

Tue May 23, 2017 09:37:05

Melania Trump was in no mood to play along for the cameras Monday when her husband reached for her hand as they arrived in Israel under a blaze of media security.

(nydailynews) -- The First Lady, slapped President Trump’s hand aside with a sharp flick of her wrist as he reached for her.

The rebuff came as the couple disembarked from Air Force One in Tel Aviv and strode over to meet waiting dignitaries.

President Trump took the lead as he and his wife walked alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu was flanked by his wife, Sara, who was holding his hand.

With Melania lagging a half-step behind, Trump can be seen on video stretching his palm backward to catch her right hand.