Relative calm in Syrian safe zones

Relative calm in Syrian safe zones
Sat May 6, 2017 13:52:03

De-escalation zones set up in a deal between Russia, Turkey and Iran in mostly opposition-held parts of Syria have gone into effect.

 AP -- Syrian opposition activists and government media outlets are reporting relative calm in wide parts of Syria after a deal hammered out by Russia, Turkey and Iran to set up "de-escalation zones" in mostly opposition-held area went into effect.
Russia's military says the agreement setting up four de-escalation zones in Syria will go into effect at midnight. The military also says the deal, which was signed by Russia, Iran and Turkey in Kazakhstan the day before, could be extended to more areas of the war-torn country.
Opposition activists in southern, central and northern Syria tell The Associated Press that there have been sporadic violations but the situation is by far much better than previous days with no airstrikes reported.
The plan, details of which will still be worked out over the next several weeks, went into effect at midnight Friday.
The government-controlled Syrian Central Military Media reported on Saturday morning "relative clam" is prevailing the designated zones nine hours after the deal went into effect.
The plan is the latest international attempt to reduce violence in war-ravaged Syria.