Murder of GEM TV's owner; Who is behind it?

Murder of GEM TV's owner; Who is behind it?
Sun Apr 30, 2017 23:27:40

The owner of GEM TV and a Kuwaiti business man were murdered in Istanbul last night and the details about the circumstances surrounding the murder are still not clear.

Alalam-- The murder of the GEM TV network's owner Saeed Karimian and 'Mohamed Motaab Shallahi' a Kuwaiti businessman, has raised some speculations among global media about the motives behind the incident.Some of the opposition media accused the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mr Karimian was shot with 27 bullets and the Kuwaiti businessman with 3, on Saturday midnight.

The opposition media, as always, claimed that the I.R. of Iran is responsible for the incident although there is no police investigation outcome has been announced yet. They have been propagating that Mr. Karimian was targeted by Iran because of his political opposition to Iran.

These allegations were made by this media neglecting Mr. Karimian's previous financial problems and large amount of debt which forced him to leave some countries such as Malaysia and the UAE before. He has also been criticized by rival media of not complying with copyright policies.

GEM TV is a group of Persian-language entertainment satellite channels. Its headquarters is located in Dubai. GEM Television commenced work in 2006, owned and managed by GEM Group ("General Entertainment and Media Group").


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