Massive Protest Planned in Portland for Trump's Inauguration

Massive Protest Planned in Portland for Trump's Inauguration
Fri Jan 20, 2017 09:26:34

A massive rally is expected to be held in the US state of Oregon's largest city of Portland on the President-elect Donald Trump's Inauguration day.

Thousands will gather in the US state of Oregon's largest city of Portland to protest the inauguration of Trump on January 20 to "vocally air grievances" of the 45th president's agenda, Portland's Resistance movement leader Gregory McKelvey said in a press release; Sputnik reported.

"January 20th will be a historical moment not because Donald J. Trump was inaugurated but because it will be a singular rallying point that allows for a transformative solidarity to grow and progressive demands to be made," McKelvey stated on Thursday.

Portland police are preparing for large-scale protests throughout the city on Friday afternoon and have not excluded that protests could turn violent as they did right after the election results on November 8.
Police officers said they have received information that some people plan on joining protests to conduct criminal behavior, KATU reported Thursday.

"Starting as early as 3:30, we will rally for broad group of representative speakers at Pioneer Square. The assembly will then move at 5:30 on a march planned and led by Portland's Resistance," McKelvey said.

Law enforcement officers have reiterated that marching into and blocking streets without a permit is illegal, as well as blocking highways. Public transportation services running through downtown Portland have warned that service may be halted should "events get hectic."

According to information posted on Facebook, a "Flag Burning Extravaganza" is also planned at noon on Friday. It was unclear what this event would include.


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