Car Bomb Blast Rocks Western Syria Town

Car Bomb Blast Rocks Western Syria Town
Thu Jan 5, 2017 16:53:35

A car bomb attack has rocked the coastal town of Jablah in Syria’s western province of Latakia, leaving at least nine people dead and scores wounded, state media say.

According to Syrian media, the blast took place at a crowded commercial sector of Jablah, an Alawite-majority town on the Mediterranean coast, on Thursday, causing damage to scores of cars and shops in the area.

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has put the number of the fatalities at 14.

No group has claimed responsibility for the bloody terror attack, which comes despite a ceasefire holding across the Arab country.

The countrywide truce was brokered by Russia and Turkey between the Syrian government and foreign-backed militant groups late last month.

However, Damascus and Russian officials have reported numerous ceasefire violations on the part of Takfiri militants in recent days; Press TV reported.


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