Yemeni Army, Popular Forces Capture 3 Saudi Military Bases in Al-Jawf Province

Yemeni Army, Popular Forces Capture 3 Saudi Military Bases in Al-Jawf Province
Sun Jan 1, 2017 18:04:29

The Yemeni army and popular forces have taken control of three more military bases of the Saudi army in al-Jawf province in the Northeastern part of Yemen while their comrades blocked the advances of the kingdom's mercenaries in Shabwah province.

The Yemeni forces captured three Saudi bases in the towns of Khob and al-Sha'af in al-Jawf province, killing 30 military men; FNA reported.

Meantime, the Yemeni forces prevented pro-Saudi mercenaries from making advances in al-Hajr district in the town of Asilan in Shabwah province.

At least 30 pro-Saudi militias were killed and wounded in Shabwah province and sustained heavy losses in the Yemeni attacks.

In a relevant development on Saturday, informed battlefield sources disclosed that the Yemeni army and popular forces continued their advances in Ta'iz province, and killed several more pro-Saudi mercenaries in fierce clashes.

"At least 11 pro-Saudi militias were killed and several more were wounded in tough battle in Ta'iz province," the Arabic-language al-Massirah news website quoted informed Yemeni military sources as saying on Saturday.

Meantime, another Yemeni battlefield source said that six Saudi mercenaries were killed in the Eastern part of Gabal al-Han in al-Zobab region of Ta'iz province.

"Another four pro-Saudi mercenaries were also killed in al-Salou region in Ta'iz province," the source added.

He, meantime, said that the Yemeni army's artillery units pounded the pro-Saudi militias' gathering centers in the Southern part of the village of al-Hariqieh.

"Several mercenaries were also killed in the Yemeni army's artillery attack on their gathering centers in the Ninth District of the city of Sana'a," the source added.

More than 12,800 Yemenis, including women and children, have been killed in the course of the Saudi military aggression against neighboring Yemen since March 2015.

This is while international right groups have repeatedly condemned Riyadh over its onslaught against Yemen. They have also warned of a humanitarian crisis in the impoverished country.

The Saudi campaign was launched with the aim of reinstating Yemen’s former president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

Hadi, a loyal Riyadh ally, resigned last year and fled to the Saudi capital. He later returned to the country’s port city of Aden.

Hadi has rejected a United Nations peace roadmap, saying the initiative favors Ansarullah movement, while the movement is the main popular base which has been defending the country against the Saudi invasion.


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