Russian Fighter Jets Strike ISIS Oil Tankers East of Homs

Russian Fighter Jets Strike ISIS Oil Tankers East of Homs
Sun Jan 1, 2017 13:01:38

Russian fighter jets targeted a convoy of ISIS fuel tankers transferring fuel from Homs to Raqqa, destroying several tankers.

The fighter jets targeted the ISIS fuel tankers near the towns of al-Sukhnah and Arak in Eastern Homs, destroying several tankers.

The tankers convoy was heading to ISIL-held regions in Raqqa.

A number of ISIL militants were killed in the air raid.

A military official disclosed in early Decembers that over 68 Turkey-bound oil tankers of the ISIL terrorist group were targeted in the Syrian Army air raid in Eastern Homs.

The official said that the warplanes bombed heavily two ISIL convoys with over 68 tankers, destroying tankers and killing the militants accompanying the convoys.

He further added that the Syrian army troops immediately blocked pumping of oil and gas from the pipes in oil and gas fields that are under the control of the ISIL.

The Syrian official said that tens of ISIL terrorists from Iraq joined their comrades in Homs, adding, "As soon as the terrorists took control over oilfields of al-Sha'er, al-Heil and al-Maher, they managed to steal oil and gas to smuggle them to Turkey, Jordan and Iraq."

He added that ISIL took control of only six areas in the gas and oil fields of al-Sha'er, al-Heil and al-Maher in the last three days, FNA reported.


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