150 FSA Rebels Lay Down Arms in Daraa and Surrender to Syrian Army

150 FSA Rebels Lay Down Arms in Daraa and Surrender to Syrian Army
Mon Dec 26, 2016 15:54:15

Al-Masdar Lebanese news outlet rejected report of “500 Free Syrian Army (FSA) surrender to Syrian government" and says “Only 150 militants took up the amnesty offer who were mostly FSA gunman native to the city of Sanameen, located at northernmost administration in Daraa province.

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Part of those who reconciled was the commander of the "Al Ababil Birgade" along with his men. The reconciliation took place in the town of Sanameen and it is not unlikely that the former rebels will take up a defense post as local NDF fighters.

The reconciliation process has proved extremely successful for the Syrian government in Daraa where flocks of opposition fighters regularly drop down their weapons due to mounting frustration with corrupt rebel leaderships and scarce pay.


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