Army, Air Force Inflict Heavy Losses on Terrorists in Hama Province

Army, Air Force Inflict Heavy Losses on Terrorists in Hama Province
Mon Dec 26, 2016 14:39:12

The Syrian army backed by the country's air force hit hard the terrorists' military positions and hardware in different parts of Hama province.

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The terrorists sustained heavy losses in the Syrian army's artillery attacks and air raids by the country's warplanes.

The Syrian army also continued its advances in other key provinces across Syria.

Syrian Army troops and Air Force targeted the gatherings and movements of Jeish al-Fatah coalition of terrorist groups in different parts of Hama province, inflicting major losses on the militants.

The army's artillery units shelled the positions of Jeish al-Fatah in the village of Khirbet al-Naqous, killing a nine-member group of terrorists and destroying their equipment.

The artillery units also targeted ISIL's positions in several villages in Aqayrabat region, killing a number of them.

The army aircraft also launched heavy bombing on ISIS (ISIL, IS, Daesh) centers in Aqayrabat in the Eastern countryside of al-Salamiyah town, destroying a base of the militants.

A number of ISIL's members also were killed and their vehicles were destroyed in the air raid on their positions in the village of Souha and near Aqayrabat.




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