Video: Heating Oil in Mosul Rises 1,000%; Many Sicken for Unclean Water

Wed Dec 21, 2016 16:51:55

Citizens of Mosul are struggling with a lack of water and heating oil in the middle of a Iraqi forces battling ISIS to liberate city from ISIS, compounded by the onset of winter.

Alalam - Iraq

The price of kerosene, which many residents use to heat their homes, has reached about 60 USD for a 20-litre can (4 gallons), nearly ten times the normal price outside the war zone.

Little to no piped water is currently reaching eastern Mosul because without electricity the pumps don't work.

Aid organizations are trucking in drinking water. Because the water purification system has largely broken down, whatever water is still being pumped in to the city through pipes is no longer clean.

Many people have fallen ill from drinking unpurified water.

About a million citizens are still thought to be trapped in Mosul as Iraqi forces battle to retake it from Islamic State terrirists.


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