Watch How Jihadi Parents Blow Their Daughters Up by a Remote Detonator

Wed Dec 21, 2016 14:41:29

Jihadi parents kiss their young daughters goodbye... before the seven-year-old girl walks into a Damascus police station and is blown up by a remote detonator.


Alalam - Syria

 This is the moment jihadi parents kissed their daughters goodbye shortly before one of them walked into a Syrian police station and was blown up by a remote detonator.

Footage shows a male fanatic lecturing the two children, seven and nine, about how to carry out suicide bomb attacks before they are embraced by a woman in a burka.

A short time later, the seven-year-old is thought to have walked into a police station in Syria's capital, Damascus, before being killed in an explosion.

With music in the background and sitting in front of a black and white flag, the ranting extremist holds the girls in his arms as he brainwashes them.

Both girls then say 'Allahu Akbar' before separate footage shows them dressed in coats and woolly hats as they embrace their mother and leave the room, dailymail reported.

A short time later, on December 16, a seven-year-old girl calmly walked into a Damascus police station before being killed in a bomb blast that also injured three officers.



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