LATEST VIDEO: Aleppo Residents Return to Their Homes

Wed Dec 21, 2016 08:27:19

Residents of southeastern Aleppo's neighbourhood of Marjeh, which Syrian government troops took over from rebels earlier this month, have been trickling back to to their district to check on their homes, businesses and belongings.

Alalam - Syria

Years of fighting have left the neighbourhood in ruins, a landscape of rubble-strewn streets, collapsed buildings and destroyed shops.

AP footage from the neighbourhood on Tuesday captured the extent of this part of the city's destruction and although residents have been able to return, lack of services, including water and electricity, means they still cannot live here.

Syrian activists say only up to 3,000 people are left in eastern Aleppo awaiting evacuation before the government is to resume full control of the city after nearly six years of war.


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