Palmyra Video Report; SAA Offensives Around T-4 Airport Pushes back ISIS

Mon Dec 19, 2016 17:29:01

Despite initial pressure on the T-4 Military base, Eastern Homs has seen a resurgence to the pro-Syria forces, expelling ISIS from the immediate vicinity of the base.This is in the attempt to quickly recapture the ancient city from the terrorist forces.

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With the mobilization of the Syrian Army and its allies, it is expected that ISIS will quickly capitulate in Eastern Homs.

The pro-government forces continue to expand the buffer zone around the T-4 Military Airport via localized counter-attacks.

Meanwhile The so-called "Islamic State" (ISIS, ISIL, IS and Daesh) large-scale assault in the western countryside of Palmyra (Tadmur or Tadmor in Arabic) has been forestalled by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) after more than two weeks of being on the offensive.

With ISIS unable to advance in the western Palmyra countryside, the Syrian Arab Army took the initiative this weekend to recapture territory they lost around the strategic T-4 Military Airport.

Led by their 800th Regiment of the Republican Guard, the Syrian Arab Army managed to recover several sites around the outskirts of the T-4 Airport, including the Al Shaarah Hills and checkpoints north of the Abandoned Military Base.

On Sunday night, the Syrian Armed Forces continued their military operations near the T-4 Airport, targeting the ISIS's frontline in the southern part of this installation.

According to a military source in eastern Homs, the Syrian Arab Army's 800th Regiment liberated the Air Defense Base south of the T-4 Airport, killing and wounding a large number of ISIS terrorists in the process.

The Syrian Armed Forces also destroyed 4 technical vehicles, while also seizing a large supply of weapons during their military operations on Sunday.

Syrian Armed Forces now ingaged of targeting the ISIS frontline at the small desert village of Qasr Al Hayr, which is 20km south of the T-4 Military Airport.


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