Aleppo from Bird’s Eye; Ruins Everywhere After 4 Years War

Mon Dec 19, 2016 14:58:40

Now the bloody, destroying and costly battle of Aleppo started by coalition of terrorist supported by a dozens of countries from Persian Gulf monarchies to West countries and others like Turkey and Jordan finally ended by victory of Syrian army and liberation of city and civilians.

Alalam - Syria

On Friday, December 16 Aleppo come under full Syria government control, with the Syrian army operation to retake the eastern districts completed.

The battle of Aleppo began in summer 2012 and lasted four years. The government-held part of the city was surrounded by terrorists until Russian airpower was able to end the encirclement following Moscow’s decision to intervene in 2015, making the siege one of the longest in the history of modern warfare.

Now after 4 years fighting, Aleppo is like a shadow of its former second Syria big city and economic hub.

Whole city reduced to rubble and infrastructure devastated. These are just a few of the problems that the Syrian authorities now have to deal with in the city, in addition to providing adequate food and medical supplies to the local population, Sputnik reports.


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