Video: Iraqi Displaced Man Narrates How ISIS Militants Behaved with People in Mosul

Fri Dec 16, 2016 21:25:47

In a video released by Alsumaria News, Abdel Azim Laith, one of the displaced people from the city of Mosul, talked about the IDP camps, and how was the ISIS dealing with the people of Mosul.


Laith, who was flogged by members of the militants for not attending prayers at the mosque, revealed that the situation in the IDP camps is agonizing, and displaced people are suffering from cold weather.

ISIS was also flogging anyone who smokes or sells cigarettes, while some persons were selling cigarettes secretly, Laith added.

Furthermore, he said that the ISIS terror group was deploying detectives in the streets of Mosul to arrest anyone who smokes or not attends prayers at mosque, as well as monitoring the implementation of its instructions, Iraqi News reported.


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