VIDEO: Syrian Red Crescent Waiting to Evacuate Wounded in Aleppo

Thu Dec 15, 2016 11:40:12

The Live Footage of Al-Mayadeen from the Ramouseh crossing in eastern Aleppo shows Syrian Arab Red Crescent Ambulances are waiting to evacuate wounded and sick Syrians out of the besieged quadrant of the city.

Alalam - Syria

The evacuation is part of an agreement between militants and the Syrian government to evacuate the opposition-held neighborhoods of eastern Aleppo of militants and civilians in what is effectively a surrender of the city to the government.

The evacuation marks a big victory in the 5-year long Syrian war and returns Aleppo, once Syria's largest city and its commercial capital, to the complete control of the government.

A cease-fire deal between the rebels and the Syrian government that was to allow the evacuation of rebels and civilians from eastern Aleppo effectively collapsed Wednesday.


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