SICKENING VIDEO: Syrian Rebel Refugee Tortures His Little Boy for Money

Wed Dec 14, 2016 15:45:08

A video has emerged of a pro Syrian activist man torturing and striking a Syrian boy on the Greek island of Chios. The Greek island off the coast of Turkey has been rocked by refugees from Syria, and other countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries.

Alalam - Syria

The video which released in “@Souria4Syrians” twitter account shows a man (maybe could say father) attacking a child (his boy) who is purportedly to be Usama abd Al-Fattah Aboud and the child Abd Al-Fattah Aboud, According to mentioned account.

Aboud is a Syrian pro-terrorist activist and used to fight against Syrian Army then fled to Turkey.

The man beating the child is his father who is trying to extort money from his ex-wife. The wife revealed all this on her Facebook account.

The man has reportedly been arrested by Greek authorities and the boy is safe.


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