Aleppo Truce Broken, Syrian Buses Returned without Passengers: Oppositions Reports

Aleppo Truce Broken, Syrian Buses Returned without Passengers: Oppositions Reports
Wed Dec 14, 2016 13:58:00

Shelling and rocket fire also resumed Wednesday at the edges of the opposition's one-square-mile enclave in Aleppo, AP reports.

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An AFP correspondent in rebel-held Aleppo reported heavy fighting and shelling late on Wednesday morning, hours after hundreds of people had gathered waiting to leave the city.

According to Associated after the cease-fire deal to allow for the evacuation of terrorist and tens of thousands of civilians in Eastern Aleppo still many remained in the rebel enclave at 12:00 local times.

A source close to the government said Damascus objected to the number of people seeking to leave and wanted the names of evacuees.

"The government has suspended the evacuation deal because originally it was for the departure of 2,000 fighters and now there will be more than 10,000 people," the source told AFP.

Media reports say that buses, which were meant to evacuate rebels and tens of thousands of civilians from Syria's eastern Aleppo, have left the crossing point on the edge of the opposition enclave and returned to their depots without any passengers.

The buses' departure could signal a major delay in the evacuations and even the collapse of the cease-fire deal.
The Lebanese channel al-Manar TV has broadcast footage showing Syrian government's green-colored buses leaving the evacuation point without any passengers on Wednesday, AP claims.

Also CNN claimed that opposition activists in Syria say bombing resumed Wednesday in the remaining rebel-held part of eastern Aleppo, breaking a cease-fire deal that was agreed hours earlier, according to media reports.


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