VIDEO: 1,500 Militants Lay Down Arms near Damascus

Wed Dec 14, 2016 10:19:53

As many as 1,500 militants have laid down arms in a southern suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus to fall under an amnesty law issued by the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad earlier this year.

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According to the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the gunmen in the village of Kanaker in the Rif Dimashq Province surrendered their weapons and checked at rehabilitation centers.

The amnesty law issued upon orders of President Assad stipulates that people carrying arms or maintaining them for certain reasons, as well as those on the run from justice can avoid punishment if they surrender and pledge not to participate in any activity endangering national security.

Thousands of militants have so far turned themselves in to enjoy exemption.

Shored up by lavish support from the states opposing the Syrian government, the foreign-backed militants have been waging deadly violence against the country since 2011.

However, since November the government has been making major victories against the terrorists thanks to concerted military operations backed by Russian airpower.

Most recently, the troops liberated the entire northwestern flashpoint city of Aleppo after nearly a month of uphill battle against Takfiri terrorists.

The victory has reversed the Army’s fortunes against terrorists in the country, where the main five cities are now under government control.

The gains also come as sheer surprise to the foreign states, which used to confidently consider the central administration to be on its last legs.

The Aleppo battle saw the Syrian soldiers driving militants out of the city’s east, which they had been holding since 2012, in the biggest blow to the militancy since its onset.

The city has now been placed under a ceasefire, during which wounded people are expected to be evacuated.

On Wednesday, militant sources said the evacuation has faced a delay, but noted that the ceasefire was still in place.



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