Militants in Eastern Aleppo Ask Syrian Army to Leave War-Torn City for Idlib

Militants in Eastern Aleppo Ask Syrian Army to Leave War-Torn City for Idlib
Tue Dec 13, 2016 22:11:53

The terrorist groups in Eastern Aleppo asked the Syrian Army to allow them leave the city for Idlib similar to other militant groups throughout the country that have opted for the same choice.


"The militants have asked the Syrian Army through intermediaries to give them a corridor so that they could leave Eastern Aleppo with arms and head to Idlib," a source told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

The source also added that the request is still being considered by the Syrian army commanders in the area.

Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin earlier said that a deal has been reached for militants to leave the embattled Syrian city of Aleppo in the nearest future.

"My latest information is that they indeed have an arrangement achieved on the ground that the fighters are going to leave the city," Russian official told reporters, adding that it could happen "within hours maybe".

The Syrian Army's victories in Eastern Aleppo finally forced militant groups to leave the war-torn city as Jeish Al-Fatah terrorists are now encircled in a very small area left with the only two options of surrender or die.

The Russian Peace Coordination Center in Syria announced on Tuesday that the Syrian army troops and popular forces have squeezed Jeish al-Fatah terrorists in an area no larger than 3 sq/km, after taking control of more than 98 percent of entire Eastern Aleppo.

A field source also disclosed that the defense lines of the terrorists have completely collapsed and they are now able to resist against the government forces' strikes, saying the army men and Hezbollah will soon liberate the remaining neighborhoods.

The Syrian army units started special operations in Aleppo after several humanitarian pauses declared by Damascus and Moscow to give a chance to the civilian population as well as the militants to leave the Eastern parts of the city through 8 corridors.

District after district have fallen into the hands of the Syrian army soldiers and their allies in the city of Aleppo, as the pro-government troops have recaptured most of the blocks and districts in the Northern and Southern parts of Eastern Aleppo.

Also, tens of thousands of civilians, including hundreds of children and newborn babies, have also left the Eastern part of the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo in recent days, while thousands of militants laid down their arms and left Eastern Aleppo through the special corridor.

Over the recent months, Aleppo has been a battlefield between government forces and numerous terrorist groups, however, in recent weeks, the Syrian Army has made significant gains in Eastern Aleppo and is close to liberating it from the militants, FNA reported.


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