Bahraini Court Confirms 9 years Jail Sentence for Sheikh Ali Salman

Bahraini Court Confirms 9 years Jail Sentence for Sheikh Ali Salman
Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:53:07

Bahrain's appeals court on Monday confirmed a nine-year jail sentence against a Shiite Cleric Sheikh Ali Salman one of revolutionary and opposition groups leaders for “inciting hatred and calling for regime change by force”, a judicial source said.

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Sheikh Ali Salman arrest and detention sparks strong protest inside and outside of Bahrain because allegations against him is politically motivated.

The verdict against cleric Ali Salman, whose Al Wefaq movement was dissolved in July as a crackdown on opposition and human right activist, was reimposed after the court of cassation had overturned the nine-year jail term in October, AFP reports.

Bahraini Revolution begins in 2011 by series of demonstrations, amounting to a sustained campaign of civil resistance in the Persian Gulf country of Bahrain.

As part of the revolutionary wave of protests in the Middle East and North Africa, the Bahraini protests were initially aimed at achieving greater political freedom and equality for the majority Shia population and expanded to a call to end the monarchy of Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa following a deadly night raid on 17 February 2011 against protesters at the Pearl Roundabout in Manama known locally as Bloody Thursday.

The crackdown of opposition continuous and many human right organizations condemned dictatorship ruling in a tiny Persian Gulf country.