Syrian Army to Start New Operation to Liberate Remaining Regions of Aleppo

Syrian Army to Start New Operation to Liberate Remaining Regions of Aleppo
Sun Dec 11, 2016 14:23:49

Local media disclosed on Sunday that the Syrian army is getting ready to carry out a fresh round of massive attack to take back the remaining militant-held districts in Southeastern Aleppo.


The Arabic language al-Watan daily quoted a field source as saying that the army men have temporarily slowed down their operations to ease the exit of remaining civilians from Aleppo's Southeastern neighborhoods, underlining that the army men will start fresh operation to liberate the entire neighborhoods in Eastern and Southeastern Aleppo city very soon.

Al-Watan added that the army opposes terrorists' demands for ceasefire and the only condition for the halt of the army's operation is pullout of terrorists from occupied neighborhoods.

The remaining districts in Southeastern Aleppo city that are still under militants' control are in a row and the fall of one of them by the army men will end in the fall of all other districts.

Based on the reports, civilians' presence is the only barrier to the capture of the entire Southeastern Aleppo by the government forces.

Manager of Aleppo International Airport Basem Mansour said earlier today that the airports' technical equipment has been relaunched and the airport will soon host flights.

Mansour said that as soon as the Syrian army soldiers took control over the entire regions that were strategically needed for strengthening security of the flights, reconstruction of Airport's nearby areas started.

"We are preparing the highway to the airport, while our construction machinery is cleaning the areas from debris left by the terrorists," he added.

Mansour said also that restoring security to the highway to Aleppo International Airport will significantly decrease the distance between the city and airport, FNA reported.


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