ISIS Claims Shot Down Syrian Fighter Jet Near Palmyra

ISIS Claims Shot Down Syrian Fighter Jet Near Palmyra
Sat Dec 10, 2016 15:47:43

Islamic State media wing “Amaq” claims that ISIS terror group shot down a Syrian Air Force jet north of Palmyra (Tadmur) on Saturdays after it carried out an airstrike over the Jazal Mountains.

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ISIS Says warplane targeted when flying over the village of Jazal. Terror group Captured Jazal village earlier this week.

Amaq says the entire Jazal Mountain region located north of Palmyra has been under the control of the Islamic State for 72 hours after they launched a massive offensive to capture the remaining oil fields in eastern Homs and the city of Palmyra.

Some opposition activists claimed that the Islamic State entered the ancient city of Palmyra; but Syrian Arab Army sources reject it last night.

It is reported that ISIS is currently at the gates of Palmyra after capturing the Hiyal Mountains located south of the city.

Palmyra is under control of Syrian Arab Army.


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