Battle VIDEO: Syrian Forces Advance to Liberate Remaining Regions of Eastern Aleppo

Thu Dec 8, 2016 15:42:57

The Syrian army, backed by popular forces, further advanced in the Southern parts of the Citadel of Aleppo after liberating the Old Aleppo quarter and retook control of several other regions.


The Syrian army forces who had seized back Bab al-Nayrab, al-Marja and Sheikh Lutfi districts, made advances in the nearby areas and could purge the terrorists from Karam Humad and al-Boloura districts near the recently-liberated al-Marja district.

The Syrian army and Hezbollah forces also could regain control of the Great Mosque, the Old al-Adli palace and al-Bayaza and al-Qatana regions.

Field sources said that the Syrian army troops and popular forces are in control of at least 85 percent of Eastern Aleppo districts, hitting hard the positions of Jeish al-Fatah terrorists in the few remaining districts still under their control.

The sources said that the army men and popular forces are on the verge of driving terrorist out of the entire neighborhoods of Aleppo city after their victories against militants in the Northeastern districts and recapture of a major part of the districts in the Southeast.

Also, on Wednesday, the Syrian army troops and Hezbollah resistance fighters managed to take control of al-Jadideh district and immediately moved in several directions to beat terrorists back from their positions in al-Kelaseh, Bab al-Maqam, al-Fardos and Karm al-Deada districts after fortifying their positions in vast areas of al-Salehin district.

The terrorists have so far lost over 40 districts and neighborhoods in Eastern Aleppo and are now in control of only very few districts stretching over an area 7 sq/km or less than 10 percent of what was once their territory for 5 years until this last Summer.

Now the army is gaining ground at an astonishing pace and plans to corner the Jeish Al-Fatah terrorists in one single district.

"If the Syrian government forces manage to seize back Karm al-Deada, al-Fardos and al-Kelaseh districts, the terrorists who are in Sheikh Saeed district will come under the Syrian army's full siege from the Northern and Eastern directions and this region will fall as well," a battlefield source explained on Wednesday evening.

The source went on to say that the Syrian government troops are likely to be faced with some tough resistance in Sheikh Saeed district which is considered the Southern gate of Aleppo city in the South-East.

The clashes are still underway at the Regional Power Company of Sheikh Saeed in the Eastern part of this vital district, FNA reported.


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