One More Key District in Eastern Aleppo Close to Achieved by Gov't Forces

One More Key District in Eastern Aleppo Close to Achieved by Gov't Forces
Tue Dec 6, 2016 14:12:05

Syrian Army soldiers and the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters have pushed back terrorists from 70 percent of al-Sha'ar district in Southeastern Aleppo after a day of clashes.

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The Syrian government forces, who had laid siege on al-Sha'ar district from three flanks, opened their way into the district and managed to push the terrorists back from their positions in at least 70 percent of al-Sha'ar and reached al-Daqaq hospital.

The army men opened a new front in al-Adha'ah-Jubb al-Jebli flank and started a fresh round of attacks on militant centers in al-Zobdiyeh neighborhood and freed a part of it.

Damascus said on Monday that the army soldiers and popular forces have so far captured some 65 percent of Eastern Aleppo territories after weeks of clashes against Jeish al-Fatah coalition of terrorist groups.

The Syrian government's War Information Center, Elam al-Harbi, reported that government troops liberated the entire neighborhoods in Northeastern Aleppo and captured a number of districts in the South-East, extending their rule over some 65 percent of entire Eastern Aleppo.

The army managed to win back the districts and neighborhoods of Hanano Housing Project, Jabal Badrou, Ard al-Hamra, al-Heidariyeh, Bostan al-Pasha, Sheikh Khedher, Shiekh Fares, al-Halak, al-Sakhour, Ba'eidin, al-Nazarat, Youth Housing Complex, Tariq al-Bab, Karam al-Tarab, Karam al-Jazmati, Karam al-Qaterji, Karam al-Maysar, Karam al-Tahan, several squares and key heights, the graveyard and residential units in recent weeks.



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