ISIS Religious Leader Shot Dead by Unidentified Attacker in Raqqa City

ISIS Religious Leader Shot Dead by Unidentified Attacker in Raqqa City
Tue Nov 29, 2016 22:00:12

The religious emir of the ISIS terrorist group was shot dead by unidentified assailants in the city of Raqqa on Tuesday.


Abu Amineh Halabi, ISIS religious commander, was gunned down by armed men using handguns equipped with silencers, Ara news website reported.

Five masked men in a car shot at Halabi several times in the Eastern part of Sharakseh district and escaped the scene after killing infamous leader.   

ISIL's Hasaba (monitoring-security system) forces immediately cordoned off the area after Halabi was killed.

Raqqa city is considered the ISIL's self-proclaimed de facto capital alongside Mosul in Iraq.

The city is under attack by different factions and from different directions.

The predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) declared the start of their 'Euphrates Rage Operation' to capture Raqqa on November 6.

The Kurdish fighters also warned Raqqa residents to stay away from the terrorists and urged all civilians to move to the territories freed from ISIS.

The Syrian army has also started taking initial steps to beat back the ISIS terrorists from Raqqa from at least three different directions. The army is now engaged in battle with ISIL over the town of Al-Bab in Northeastern Aleppo province and plans to win back the town of Deir Hafer next to open its path towards Raqqa. It also started to advance towards the ISIS self-proclaimed capital from Hama province months ago, but it stopped the operation after its forces came under attack by ISIS chemically-armed munitions. The army is also said to be working on a third front to approach Raqqa from the South and through Northern Homs.


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