VIDEO: Hashd al-Shaabi Forces Operation in South of Tal Afar and Liberation of Hajirat Al Sofla Village

VIDEO: By Iraqi Parliament Vote, Hashd Al Shaabi is Official Part of Army

Sat Nov 26, 2016 17:49:47

By Iraqi parliament vote on Saturday, Iraq Mobilization Units (PMU) which called Hashd Al-Shaabi recognizes as an official force with similar rights as the regular army, therefore the law counts Hashd al-Shaabi as part of the national armed forces and subject to its supreme commander.

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A Revised Copy of Iraqi Parliament Vote on PMU

The Hashd al-Shaabi was formed upon a call by Iraq’s grand Ayatollah Ali Al Sistani in the summer of 2014 when Islamic State Terrorist Group (ISIS) captured several Iraqi provinces. Ayatollah Sistani urged civilians to take up arms and fight against the Takfiri terrorist group.

The Popular Mobilization Forces along with Iraqi army troops and Kurdish Peshmerga forces have been involved in the Mosul liberation operation. At the movement most part of Hashd al-Shaabi is consist of Shia fighters.

The parliamentary decree stipulates that members of all Iraqi ethnic and religious groups will have the right the join Hashd al-Shaabi and they will be reorganized through the army after the Mosul liberation operation.

According to “FNA” quoted from “Iraqi news” the law says personnel affiliated with the force should be disconnected from any other political, social or partisan affiliations. It gives an exclusive mandate to the supreme commander of the armed forces to decide on the distribution and deployment of the force among provinces.

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In Mosul Liberation operation Hashd al-Shaabi forces began an offensive against the ISIS terrorists West of Mosul on October 29 to cut off supply routes between Mosul and Raqqa in Syria, tighten the siege  in Mosul and liberate the strategic town of Tal Afar.

The Iraqi volunteer forces started their 5th phase of anti-terrorism operation Southwest of Tal Afar city in Nineveh province on Friday.


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