At least 6 People Killed in Several Bomb Blasts in Afghanistan's Nangarhar Province

At least 6 People Killed in Several Bomb Blasts in Afghanistan's Nangarhar Province
Fri Nov 25, 2016 17:07:54

Several bomb blasts in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad have left at least six people dead and more than two dozen others wounded.


Attaullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the provincial governor of the capital of Nangarhar province, said the blasts took place in different parts of the city.

Khogyani said so far there are no indications as to who were behind the attacks.

Nangarhar, located at the junction of the Kabul River and the Kunar River near Laghman valley on the border with Pakistan, has been a main base for the activities of the ISIS terrorists in eastern Afghanistan over the past months after they first emerged in the war-torn country last year.

Afghanistan, a landlocked country with a population of approximately 32 million, has been the scene of terrorist activities despite the presence of foreign troops.

Nearly 30 people were recently killed and dozens more wounded in a large bomb blast at a Shia mosque in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry said the casualties came after an assailant detonated his explosives at the Baqir ul Olum mosque as people were preparing for prayers on November 21. It was the second blast to rock the Afghan capital on that day. Two people had been injured in the first explosion in Bagrami district of Kabul, Press TV reported.


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