Lebanon ISIS Leader Arrested near Syrian Border with 10 Terrorists

Lebanon ISIS Leader Arrested near Syrian Border with 10 Terrorists
Fri Nov 25, 2016 13:01:36

Lebanese security forces on Friday arrested so-called “emir of Islamic State in Lebanon" (ISIS, Daesh) near the Syrian border.

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Ahmad Yousif Amoun, the ISIS emir (leader), was arrested during a special operation conducted by the Lebanese Army near the town of Arsal in Al Arnab Valley.

ISIS leader and his gunmen attempting to escape opened fire on the Lebanese soldiers but after short clashes he was arrested.

Ahmad Yousef Amoun, was wounded in a shootout during the raid. The army seized a large quantity of weapons and explosive belts, the sources said to Reuters.

Along with him, 10 ISIS militant of terrorist group's who are suspected of attacks on Lebanese Army in the Qalamoun Mountains of Syria and Lebanon were arrested.

The town of Arsal was the location of a major attack by terrorist from Islamic State and the al Qaeda-linked former Nusra Front ( Now Fatah Al Sham) in 2014. ISIS is still holding nine Lebanese soldiers kidnapped by the group during the attack.


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