VIDEO: New Iraqi Troops Deployed to Mosul Frontline

Wed Nov 23, 2016 22:14:04

Strong troops belonging to the Iraqi Special Operations Forces have arrived in the Samah neighbourhood of Mosul on Wednesday afternoon, before heading back into battle against Islamic State (ISIL / ISIS / Daesh / IS ) group fighters.

Alalam Iraq

The Basra Battalion's task is to lead the fight in Al Zuhur and Al Tahrir, eastern districts of Mosul. They are replacing soldiers returning from battle after twenty days of hard fighting in densely populated areas: AP reported.

Those leaving hand over their vehicles to those arriving. The new battalion will have to push north and meet with the 6th brigade of the Iraqi army that is trying to advance from the north. If they accomplish it, the whole eastern part of Mosul will constitute one front, which will ultimately be pushed west towards the centre of the city.


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