Syrian Warplanes Hit Terrorists’ Centers in Hama, Idlib Provinces

Syrian Warplanes Hit Terrorists’ Centers in Hama, Idlib Provinces
Tue Nov 22, 2016 16:37:40

The Syrian Air Force along with the country's army troops targeted the bases and positions of the terrorist groups in different towns and villages of the provinces of Hama and Idlib, inflicting major losses on the militants.

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The army aircraft bombed the concentration centers of the terrorists in the towns and villages of Taybat al-Imam, al-Latamina, al-Naseriyeh, Tal (Hill) Skeik and its nearby areas, Hasraya, al-Masaseneh, Morek, Atshan, Latmin, Kafr Zita and Tar'ei, killing a number of militants and destroying their bases.

The Syrian warplanes also targeted ISIL's positions in Tabarat al-Dibeh heights in the Eastern territories of Hama and near Aqrab dam in Southwestern Hama, inflicting heavy casualties on the terrorists.

The fighter jets also struck Jeish al-Fatahs' base in a battery-production plant near the city of Idlib.

Units of the Syrian army ground troops also targeted the bases of the terrorists near the village of al-Hamboushe in Western Idlib province, destroying their vehicles and motorcycles.

Also, the air force carried out a number of combat sorties over the positions and bases of Jeish al-Fatah in at least nine different positions in the provinces of Idlib and Hama on Saturday, inflicting major losses on the militants.

The Syrian warplanes launched heavy airstrikes on the gatherings and movements of Jeish al-Fatah near the towns and villages of Khan Sheikhoun, Banish, Abedeen and Ma'arat Hurmeh in Idlib province, destroying militants' bases and vehicles and killing or injuring a number of them.

In the meantime, fighter jets pounded the gatherings of Jeish al-Fatah terrorists in the towns of Ma'an, Taybat al-Imam, al-Latamina, Atshan and East of Morek in Northern Hama, killing several militants and destroying their armored vehicles; FNA reported.

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