SHOCKING VIDEO: Little Girl Attacked by Tiger in Saudi Arabian Market

Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:49:55

The shocking moment a young girl was attacked by a tiger at a market in northwest Saudi Arabia was captured on video, stirring outrage among people in the region.


Footage from the scene shows a tiger being walked around on a leash as entertainment in an open area near a market in Sakaka. A few children run away from the tiger as it prowls past them.

The little girl wanders over to take a look at the tiger, but gets too close. The tiger spins around and lunges at the girl, grabbing her in his big paws.

Within less than a second, the tiger has the girl pinned to the ground. The girl can be heard screaming loudly before the video cuts off.

Witnesses at the scene said the trainer managed to intervene and save the girl. Media reports that a police inquiry is underway.

An update reported that the tiger tamer was arrested after the girl’s father filed a lawsuit against the tamer.

The shocking video has angered social media users who feel even if the animal was tamed it still was a dangerous situation, RT reported.