SHOCKING VIDEO: ISIS Mortar Attack Kills One, Injures Three Iraqis in Eastern Mosul

Thu Nov 17, 2016 13:22:46

One child was killed and three others were wounded of the same family when a mortar shell landed on their house on Wednesday in Mosul's eastern neighborhood of al-Zahraa, Kurdish TV reported.

Video footage showed people carrying wounded injured children and running down a street of the residential quarter as women cried and wept.

Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) forces have been fighting in al-Zahraa for a week, sometimes gaining ground only to be pushed back on the defensive.

A senior CTS officer said last week that the neighborhood was fully under control. The forces and an armored division fighting in the east of the city have been battling to hold onto half a dozen districts that they advanced into a week ago. They have been hit by waves of attacks by ISIS units, including snipers, suicide bombers, assault fighters and mortar teams, who have used a network of tunnels under the city and civilian cover in the narrow streets to wear the forces down in lethal urban warfare.

The battle for Mosul, the biggest city held by the ultra-hardline terrorist group in Iraq and Syria, is the largest military operation in Iraq in a decade of turmoil unleashed by the 2003 US invasion which toppled former dictator Saddam Hussein.


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