VIDEO: 3rd Phase of Mosul Operation Started, PMU to Liberate Tal Afar

Mon Nov 14, 2016 13:50:43

The third phase of a massive military operation to liberate the northern city of Mosul from the so-called Islamic State terror organization (ISIS, ISIL , IS and Daesh) terrorist group has begun.

Ahmad Al Assadi spokesman for Iraq Popular Mobilization Units (PMU or Al Hashd Al Shaabi Forces )said Monday the operation in Western Mosul aims to cut supplies between the northern city and Raqqa (Raqqah) ISIS stronghold in Syria which currently under SDF offensives.

The operation is part of a large-scale offensive which the Iraqi army, the voluntary forces and Kurdish fighters launched on October 17 to retake Mosul.

He added that the Hashd al-Shaabi (the Iraqi voluntary forces) will tighten the siege against Daesh and liberate the town of Tal Afar.

So far, Iraqi troops have liberated nearly more than 100 towns and villages since they began the decisive battle. Earlier, Iraqi voluntary forces liberated the al-Taybah and al-Farsiyah hills, southwest of Mosul.

Meanwhile Iraqi soldiers fighting just north of Mosul, within sight of city neighborhoods, said they were ready to tighten the noose around Daesh militants waging a brutal defence of ISIS stronghold in Iraq .

Brigadier Ali Abdulla said Daesh terrorists had been pushed out of Bawiza and another village, Saada, although progress had been slowed by the presence of civilians he said were being used by the militants as human shields.

“Our approach to Hadba will be very slow and cautious so that we can reach the families and free them from Daesh’s grip,” Abdulla said.

A military statement later said that Iraqi CTS forces had cleared all militants from two districts of eastern Mosul, Arbajiya and Karkukli, and were still clearing three others.


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