LATEST VIDEO : SDF Operation for Raqqa Countryside in Progress

Mon Nov 7, 2016 17:17:51

the General Command of Liwaa Soqour al-Raqqa( Raqqa Hawks Brigade) Fayad Ghanim said that their principal goal of launching Ghadab al-Firat campaign is liberating Raqqa city from IS gangs.

The General Commander also called civilians to keep away from IS headquarters as they will be targeted by their forces.

Al-Ganim said that the campaign will initially be focusing on besieging the mercenaries in the city from all sides.

SDF have launched on Saturday, November 5th the campaign of Ghadab al-Firat to liberate Raqqa city from IS gangs.

This campaign was officially declared on Sunday in press conference held by SDF.

Raqqa people are forming the backbone of forces participating in the campaign, which make up 80% of fighters, according to field military commanders.


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