2000 ISIS Terrorists killed in Mosul Liberation Operation so-far

2000 ISIS Terrorists killed in Mosul Liberation Operation so-far
Mon Nov 7, 2016 15:18:04

Nineveh Operations Commander Najim Abdullah Al Jabouri says 2000 militants from the Islamic State terror group (ISIS, ISIL, IS and Daesh) have been killed since Mosul liberation Operation Began 22 Days ago.

Jabouri said “Those include senior and elite leaderships in the group” and added “only 6 kilometers separate Iraqi troops from battles at the eastern coast of Mosul.”

Jabouri noted air coverage for Joint Iraqi forces battling ISIS, said, “Apache fighter jets have engaged in battles at the western coast of Nineveh and a number of fighting axes, thanks to their defensive and offensive capabilities and accuracy in detecting targets, especially in guerrilla battles,”Iraqi News reported.

Jabouri said that ISIS terrorists, on the other hand, rely merely on suicide attacks, IED planting and hit and runs to hiding among civilian houses. “Our sources confirm a collective escape by group elements,” he said.


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