VIDEO: Iraqi Special Forces Enter Mosul, Clear Areas From ISIL

Thu Nov 3, 2016 09:22:55

Iraqi Special Forces have continued to retake Mosul and have entered the city carrying out house-to-house clearances in the newly-recaptured neighborhood in eastern Mosul.

Iraqi Special Forces continued to retake the city of Mosul on Wednesday, after recapturing the neighbourhood of Gogjali in the city. An Iraqi officer says troops have killed eight Islamic State (Daesh/ISIL/ISIS/IS) group militants while carrying out house-to-house clearances in the newly-recaptured neighbourhood in eastern Mosul.

Sky News reports that the area has not been completely cleared of IS group fighters, and forces are still having to contend with hidden snipers. Families who live in the area are beginning to emerge from their houses where they have been hiding. One inhabitant told Sky News their family has been trapped in their home for weeks and they ran out of food.

Many others are sheltering in buildings such as mosques in order to hide from gunfire. Despite the progress the Iraqi Special Forces have made in the city, retaking new parts remains a challenge as troops are under constant threat from mortar rounds being fired by IS group militants. There's fears also that the one million civilians who live in the city may be used as human shields.


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