VIDEO: Libyan Forces Reaches Giza Last Hideout of ISIS in Sirte

Mon Oct 31, 2016 09:53:04

Libyan UN backed government forces have advanced on Islamic State group (ISIS, ISIL, IS and Daesh) positions in the coastal Giza area of Sirte.

ISIS militants continued to hide out in the coastal residential neighborhood, taking refuge in houses after being surrounded by pro-government forces advancing from two directions.

ISIS now controls a residential strip less than (0.3 miles) long in Sirte, their former stronghold.


string(761) "[{"id":"1878962","sort":"3654359","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"/2016/10/29/alalam_636133781633516575_25f_4x3.jpg","title":"VIDEO: Libyan Forces Destroy ISIL Stronghold in Sirte"} ,{"id":"1878536","sort":"3654360","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"/2016/10/28/alalam_636132878689979357_25f_4x3.mp4","title":"VIDEO: Libyan Forces Make Advances On ISIL Terrorists in Sirte"} ,{"id":"1878116","sort":"3654361","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"/2016/10/27/alalam_636131999035660687_25f_4x3.mp4","title":"LATEST VIDEO: Libya Government Forces Fight Severely with ISIS in Sirte"} ,{"id":"1877086","sort":"3654362","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"/2016/10/25/alalam_636129865098492118_25f_4x3.mp4","title":"VIDEO: Street Fight! Libya Govt. Forces Advance on ISIS Militants in Sirte"} ]"