Iraqi Popular Forces Enter Kirkuk to Protect Civilians from ISIS Attacks

Iraqi Popular Forces Enter Kirkuk to Protect Civilians from ISIS Attacks
Sun Oct 30, 2016 16:49:55

Over 200 popular forces entered Kirkuk to protect some neighborhoods following the recent ISIS attack on Oct. 20.

The Hashd al-Sha'abi fighters were deployed reinforcements to Tis’een neighborhood in the provincial capital city of Kirkuk, claiming they would protect residents in the area, Kurdistan 24 reported.

“The Hashd al-Sha'abi has 100 percent coordination with the head of security commission in Kirkuk Najmaddin Karim who is also the governor of the province,” Najat Hussein, a member of the Iraqi Turkmen Front in Kirkuk said.

Hussein noted the popular forces had been deployed to Kirkuk in agreement with the administration of the province. He mentioned they would be in charge of a few places in Kirkuk.

“Our duty is to protect Kirkuk. When the security of those areas is obtained, they will leave and go to other places where they are needed,” head of security commission in Kirkuk Najmaddin Karim explained.

Kurdistan24's sources said the forces deployed to Kirkuk contain Turkmen people from the 16th brigade, numbering over 200 militants.

Brigadier Halo Najat, the chief of Kirkuk security forces, confirmed to Kurdistan24 the popular forces had entered the Center of Kirkuk following an agreement.

Najat added the popular forces would leave the area later based on the arrangement signed between both sides.

On Oct. 20, ISIL attacked Kirkuk and temporarily controlled some buildings in different areas before Kurdish security forces defeated them.

According to Kirkuk officials, 99 people were killed and 250 wounded in the attack, FNA reported.


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