MOSUL VIDEO REPOERT: Mosul Offensive on Day 13

FOOTAGE: One Town and 15 Village Liberated in South and west of Mosul

Sat Oct 29, 2016 17:21:32

Iraqi and Shiite fighters make more gains South and west of Mosul.The Iraqi forces have controlld the centre of the Shura and its police station on Saturday afternoon. The Iraqi War Media Cell from the Join Operations Command reported.

Al Shurah ( Al Shureh) is located some 45 km south of Mosul.

It also said the villages of Majman, Humaidiya, Shruq, Mukhalat, and Jayif were liberated.

The Media Cell added that the Iraqi forces are trying to secure the area and make it possible for the Hashd Al Shabak to participate in recapturing the Nineveh plains.

Meanwhile, the Shiite fighters of Hashd Al Shaabi continues its advances in the west of Mosul, bringing more villages under its control.

In addition to the seven liberated villages announced earlier in the day, the villages of Abu Arayis, Zwirij, and Mustanqa’ are said to have been recaptured by the Shiite fighters.

Hashd al-Shaabi also liberated Ayn An Nasr village on Saturday, south west of Mosul. village of Tal Tayiba was the first village liberated by Shia fighters today.

Asaib Ahl al Haq, a leading group within the Shiite Hashd Al Shaabi, will take part in the offensive on west of Mosul, the group told Rudaw on Saturday.

They Shiite militia announced on Saturday that the plan is to liberate Tal Afar, a largely Turkmen town, as well as other areas in the west.


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