Several Oil Tankers of ISIS Destroyed in Syrian Army Attacks in Sweida

Several Oil Tankers of ISIS Destroyed in Syrian Army Attacks in Sweida
Mon Oct 24, 2016 13:37:20

Syrian military forces stormed the concentration centers and gatherings of ISIS (ISIL, IS, Daesh) terrorists in two regions in Eastern Sweida, destroying several fuel tankers.

ISIS's bases in al-Bayader region and in the Eastern side of the village of al-Rashideh came under heavy attack by the Syrian army troops, destroying a base, several oil tankers and killing a number of militants.

In a similar raid on Friday a number of ISIL vehicles, carrying fresh forces and ammunition in the Southern province of Sweida, came under attack by the Syrian Army troops, adding that most of the vehicles were damaged in the offensive.

"Syrian military forces, tipped off by intelligence agents, stormed a long convoy of ISIL's vehicles in Tal Dhafla region, inflicting major damage on the armored and supply vehicles," field sources said.

"Several ISIL members were killed and several more were wounded in the attacks," the sources added.


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