VIDEO: Iraqi Army Advancing in Hamdaniya in Push to Retake Mosul

Fri Oct 21, 2016 18:18:44

According to latest reports, Iraqi Army advancing to Mosul- ISIS last stronghold in Iraq - Joint security forces reached to Hamdaniya.

Hamdaniya’s districts east of Mosul show little resistance from ISIS terrorist. Tapa village and Qaraqosh located in center of Hamdaniya district, 15 kilometers northeast of Mosul liberated by Iraqi forces.

Salem Mohammed Iraqi MP before Iraqi Army captures center of Hamdaniya told Reuters: "Today we are at a crossroads near Hamdaniya district, which is controlled by Daesh (ISIS, ISIL , IS and Islamic State). Thank god, the Iraqi security forces and the Iraqi army have reached the gate leading to the Hamdaniya district, and hopefully we will be able to liberate Hamdaniya. We are also close to Bartella. The Peshmerga forces were able to liberate nine villages near Bartella and in the outskirts of Hamdaniya. Families are returning to the liberated villages to check up on their homes."


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