Latest on ISIS Attack to Kirkuk

VIDEO: Armed Civilians Join Kirkuk Forces to Hunt down ISIS Attackers

Fri Oct 21, 2016 14:00:18

So-called Islamic State launches a major counter-attack on the city of Kirkuk as Iraqi and Kurdish forces pursue operations to seize territory around Mosul, the terror group last major stronghold in Iraq.

It seems ISIS plan to widen fear among people of Kirkuk failed and hundreds of armed civilians trying to hunting down terrorists.

According to witnesses and news come from people of Kirkuk in social media, the sounds of gun shots and explosions show that fighting intensifies.

Meanwhile Units of Hashd Al shaabi (PMU) and Iraqi security forces entered Kirkuk to provide support for Peshmerga forces to take control of security situation and stabilize the city.



string(805) "[{"id":"1875447","sort":"3647129","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"/2016/10/21/alalam_636126455753008851_25f_4x3.mp4","title":"VIDEO & PICS: Peshmerga Repels ISIS Attacks on West, Southern Kirkuk"} ,{"id":"1875450","sort":"3647130","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"/2016/10/21/alalam_636126467033702377_25f_4x3.mp4","title":"FRESH SHOCKING VIDEO: ISIS Attacks Kirkuk, 16 Killed, Oil Production Not Affected"} ,{"id":"1875468","sort":"3647131","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"/2016/10/21/alalam_636126496214774764_25f_4x3.mp4","title":"Latest VIDEO of Attacks on Iraq’s Kirkuk, Islamic State Claims Responsibility"} ,{"id":"1875472","sort":"3647132","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"/2016/10/21/alalam_636126512637496872_25f_4x3.mp4","title":"FRESH VIDEO: Smoke, Car Burning as Deash Attack on Iraq’s Kirkuk Continues"} ]"