VIDEO: Peshmerga Forces Distance Only 11 Kilometers from Mosul

Mon Oct 17, 2016 17:47:42

One of the Kurdish Peshmerga commanders has revealed that his men are now only a few kilometers away from the city limits, as the Iraqi army and its allies continue their assault against the Daesh stronghold of Mosul.

Scores of Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) militants were eliminated by Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the Iraqi province of Nineveh as part of the preparations for the assault on Mosul; Sputnik reported.

Peshmerga General Juku Muhammed Kalahi told Sputnik about how his Kurdish troops had liberated several villages. "Our forces terminated scores of Daesh members during the liberation of the following villages: Al-Sheikh Khamis, Kazkan and Shaquli. Right now we’re one kilometer away from the town of Bartella," the general said.
According to Kalahi, Daesh manpower reserves were depleted during clashes in the province of Nineveh, where the Iraqi military and its allies scored victories in El-Kueir and Al-Khazer several hours ago.


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