Syrian Army Foils ISIS Offensive in Eastern Deir Ezzor

Syrian Army Foils ISIS Offensive in Eastern Deir Ezzor
Thu Oct 13, 2016 18:15:33

The Syrian army troops, backed by the Republican Guard, repulsed the ISIS (Daesh / ISIL) terrorists’ offensive in the Eastern parts of Deir Ezzor, leaving at least 17 militants dead.

"The Syrian army's 119th Regiment and al-Qassem Group (Republican Guard) repelled a large-scale offensive by the ISIS terrorists in the Eastern parts of Deir Ezzor city after nearly three hours of battle," a military source said on Thursday.

According to the source, the ISIS militants were attempting to capture the Northern parts of al-Hawiqah.

"At least 17 terrorist fighters were identified among the dead ones," the source added.

Meantime, the army targeted the terrorists' gathering centers in the Eastern part of Deir Ezzor airbase, in Panorama region, and destroyed their fortifications in the neighborhood of al-jabilah.

Tens of militants were killed and wounded in the attack.

In a relevant development on Tuesday, the Syrian army troops hit ISIS gatherings and sites hard in the Southern and Southwestern countryside of Deir Ezzor city, leaving scores of militants dead or wounded.

Syrian army soldiers engaged in fierce clashes with ISIS along the Eastern wall of Deir Ezzor airbase, where the Takfiri group suffered a heavy death toll and its military hardware sustained major damage.

In the meantime, Syrian military forces attacked ISIS site in Panorama region, killing and wounding several terrorists.

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