Takfiri Terroris’ Plot Thwarted in Iran’s Fars Province: Intelligence Minister

Takfiri Terroris’ Plot Thwarted in Iran’s Fars Province: Intelligence Minister
Thu Oct 13, 2016 07:30:32

Iran's Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi has announced that his ministry's forces have dismantled several Takfiri terrorist groups and have arrested several foreign nationals in Fars province.

'We confiscated 100 kilograms of explosives and arrested a number of foreign nationals,' Alavi said; IRNA reported.

In relevant remarks in late September, Alavi said that threats by the enemies against the Islamic Republic were under control.

Iran has intelligence dominance over terrorists and the enemies have so far failed to conduct even a single successful terrorist operation inside the country, Alavi said during a meeting with the judiciary officials.

He also said that nobody has the right to pressure judges and judiciary officials for issuing decrees against the regulations.

Referring to protection of people's privacy and the importance of civil rights, Alavi said nobody should be permitted to sabotage the privacy of people.

The official also warned that everybody should maintain vigilance against the infiltrations by the enemies.


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