VIDEO: Peshmerga Forces Are Fully Prepared to Eliminate Daesh in Mosul

Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:10:58

Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces say they are ready to move against Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL , IS and Daesh) militants in Mosul as preparations continue to dislodge the terrorists from Iraq's second city, which they've held since 2014.

Reports say that there are continuing disagreements between the Baghdad governments and Kurds over the exact composition of forces and the Mosul battle plan, leading to a delay in the start of the operation.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi has promised Mosul would be liberated by the end of the year and in recent days there has been speculation that an attack is imminent, with Iraqi commanders saying they are only waiting for the order to move.

Brigadier General Devedan Khorsheet, Chief of Operations, eastern Mosul frontline told AP: "Since 2014, the Peshmerga forces have been fighting Daesh (Islamic State group) effectively. Their morale is high and they understand how to fight Daesh. They are fully prepared to eliminate Daesh."

One of the sticking points in the planning has been how far the Peshmerga should penetrate Iraqi federal territory.

Brigadier-General Devedan Khorsheet, added: "In all the battles we have fought against Daesh the Peshmerga have always been helpful in receiving the displaced people. Regarding the Mosul Liberation operation, preparations are underway, camps are being built by the UN and the governorate of Irbil. Definitely the Peshmerga will be on the frontline and they will help the people who are escaping from the areas controlled by Daesh."

The main Iraqi thrust is expected to come from the south but in the past week the Iraqi army has established a presence to the east of the city, leading to speculation that it might try to attack from that direction as well. Humanitarian preparations are also underway.

Two new camps are being constructed east of Mosul as aid organisations say hundreds of thousands of people might be displaced after the operation starts.

Over a million people are still thought to be in Mosul and aid agencies say the impact of the operation could be catastrophic, given that only about half of the 272 million dollars donors have pledged has arrived.


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